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I was born on 12/24 and I am 5.9 ft (cm) tall, weight approximatelylb (74 kg), have Brunette hair, and Brown eyes.

I am a french man living by the mediterranean sea
I ve lived the most beautiful Love story with a BG girl who lived with me 2 years now she's gone,. So Bulgaria is very special for me.

We all need love, on BE2 I want to do a Love Casting
What I don't want : barbies and credit-card-sharks, fakes
What I expect : Simple, natural, sensitive, funny, smart, tender young woman who speaks- even little - french or english, who wants to try slowly to build a REAL love story, and BULGARIAN only.

1st step :

Start : Today (27/10) and Finish : 15/12/09

Let's call it the pre-selection. If you are interested by the man I am, send me a message telling WHY NOT, LET US TRY TO KNOW EACH OTHER
If I am interested specially I will send you a message COULD YOU CHECK MY PROFILE ?

2nd step :

If there are some matches we will continue to select

QUOTE : I never judge people on their number of age neither on they physic, I make my opinion on the personality they seem to have and on their pogled (my oldest friend is 83 and is like a 35 / 38 years old woman) I hate people who have prejudments on physic and age

I don 't speak good Bulgarian : i can say : Dobur den, Obicham te, and mnogo malko other words and phone like a Bulgarian girl like :
halo da da da ne ne ne dubre dubre chaka chaka dubre da ne ciao:)

I obicham Bulgaria I was wishing a total romantic love sincere pure but love has gone away for me
I love computing, photo, traveling, fashion and tennis

My occupation :I use to be photographer and my occupation is to search models for fashion agencies as talent scout http

Who i am ?
I am not beautiful, not strong,not intelligent but very very modest!hehhehe (joking)
I am too much romantic too much sensitive and i dream to live a neverending pure and beautifull love story but romantism is not in the air actually
i am sincere many friends told me that i m like a big teddy bear with women and i like to take them in my arms and protect them and to be a gentleman.
I love the thin women, fine, the"balerines"cms 50 kgs rather than the madonnas
What i love in women and girls is their subtlety.
So am I acceptable? hateful? You will decide, I assume!

I love these words ot a song :
Don't let your head rule you heart
Don't let your world be torn apart
Don't keep it all to yourself
Just let all your emotions run free with someone like me
That's the way it should be
Someone like me

My travels : Bulgaria : I went to Sofia, Veliko Turnovo Gorna Oryahowitza, Lyaskowetz Arbanasi Dubnitza, Ruse Plovdiv, Dobrich and Varna. Nederland, Germany, Scotland, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain,Greece, Island of Reunion, Nigeria, CZ Republic, Romania, Thailand, Slovania (so beautiful), Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria..
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sisi_Pmg, Ботевград, 24
tania2_, Sofia, 27
MiMeMcEtO, Varna, 24
devil_woman, Sofia, 29
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virus_lady, Methwold, 27
BarBie, Atlanta, 24
Terry, New York, 56
Anichka, Stara Zagora, 26
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Име:Alan Delrio
Град: МонпелиеКарта на Монпелие
Последно влизане:29 юли 2016, 18:40
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Височина:180 cm
Тегло:74 kg
Цвят на очите:Кафяви
Доход:Ще кажа по-късно
Семейно положение:Необвързан
Желая деца: Да
Занимавам се с:I am Talent Scout for model agencies and model photogrqpher.
I work for a non benefit Foundation to help poor people (students and old people) in Romania and will try to do the same in BG
Искам от : Friendship then why not a romantic love s
Любими музикални изпънители:Nevena Tsoneva, DJ Tarkan, Preslava Peicheva
Любими артисти:Notting Hill, Love Actually
Любими писатели, поети:Vladimir Nabokov, Amanda Fillipachi
Цел на контакта:Забавление, Приятелство, Неангажираща връзка, Сериозна връзка
Интереси:Romance, Horse Riding, Dancing, Chatting, Romance, Tennis, Photo, Socializing, Computers, Romance, fashion
WEB сайт:

Looking for a young Bulgarian girl
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I was in BNT productions/75/ edition/33516/ bnt_taksi_25_uli_201 3
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I have uploaded a new photo
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It seems it doesn't work and i am probably very ugly :(
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23/07/2013 az sum in Sofia :) where are the girls ? iskam love romantism and passion
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Looking for true love with a Bulgarski Princessa
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За Партньора

Години:от 18 до 32 г.
Височина:от 167 до 175 см.
Тегло:от 40 кг.
Важна ли е външноста:Важна
Важен ли е интелектът: Важен
Образование:Няма значение
Цвят на очите:Зелени, Кафяви, Пъстри, Сиви, Сини, Черни
Цвят на косата:Кестенява, Руса, Червена, Черна
Доход:Няма значение
Да работи в сферата на:Няма значение
Семейно положение:Няма значение
За партньора:slim, romantic passionate

Коментарите за мен - 1
You are a really sweet and romantic guy:) I am glad I know you:)
  _AnGeL_, 06.12.2005 22:10