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will have all the answers.. More about me later. I am nice so ask if you want.

Short version 1.1 Current mood:creative Are you
doing well ? I would rather learn about you, since
I know who I am. Ok,ok,here goes. I was born,not hatched in Alexandria,Va.,15 min. south of Washington, D.C.. I was short for my age from 2nd to 8th grade. No, that was not fun being picked on. I'm shy at first. I like to listen first then talk. You aim first then shoot,right ? I can be cautious at times. I am patient person,some say way too patient. I like sports but not the usual baseball, basketball , and football. Their too corrupt. How many times on the news we see these overpaid animals get arrested and let out of jail by their owners power. that leaves me watching,bobsled,luge, skeleton,skiing, darts,track & field, volleyball,gymnasitics,speed skating, womens' figure skating and tennis. I only exercise is walking 4-5 miles a day, but with winter weather puts me out of shape at times. I can't stand being cooped up. I was a runner , bowler, and a golfer but 7 herniated discs say no to that. As for girls , I am the romantic type. Shhh- be quiet, it's a secret. You know open the door for you, push in the chair when you sit down , flowers and gifts on your birthday. I like or should I say addicted to the girl- next- door type. You know the caring,loyal, fun, understanding, honest,who can keep a secret. Is that too much to ask ? My favorite subject is history and math. No,I don't play chess. Want to teach me ?My fav tv and movies is listed on the profile. Since I like to learn something new, I watch a lot of Teaching Company tapes which covers everthing from istory,art, philosophy , and literature.I played the trombone and the baritone for 7 years right through high school. Yea,I looked like nerd in that goofy marching band uniform. Luckily, I have all the pictures. I like try new things, too. I am bit of a heath freak and I have not the belly or the wrinks to prove it, too :) Don't I look hansome ? ;) I'm aboutlbs @ 6'1Too thin. I know.I have natually born six pack,at least what physical therapist said. Also I have about 20/6 eyesight. That is enough for now. If you are still reading this, I am impressed. :) Born onJuly 17,.I am Jon and I approved this message. :)

Boring version :) : About meShy at first,until I know you better . I have a sense a humor from sarcastic to goofy.Now for more serious stuff. I am loyal,honest, and faithful( in this day and age,he must be lying) Your loss if you don't believe me. I like to exercise by walking. Bad back prevents me from running,golfing and bowling.Sad isn't ? I like to go to dog shows,museums,rennaisance faires,car shows,maybe a trip out of town to the beach or mountains . I like to watch movies from the old classic to comedy like Young Frankenstein,Blues Brothers, Summer School,Airplane,you get the drift.I like to watch the great epic films too . The ones set in ancient or medieval times. I am .. a lot on the nets most popular sites.Perhaps you saw me on there ? I have always like to learn something new . I also believe in do it right or not at all. Since my dad was a Marine Corp, I moved a lot. I have lived in Virginia 2 different times,Rhode Island,North Carolinia and then a rotten armpit of a countrycalled Indonesia,then known for their cup of Java,a island there were I lived for 2 years,now known killing foreign Christians.Then by the grace of God it was finally over we moved back to the U.S.A. and 4 years later we moved to Oregon after my dads' retirement from the Marine Corp. Yea,this time he got out voted and we moved to Oregon.In sum I lived in 8 houses just before my 13 birthday and 5 schools in that time.When we were coming back from Jarkarta,Indonesia,I visted much nicer countries like Sweden,Germany,Holland and Denmark. In total , I have been in 29 states and about 12 countries.Yes, I like go back to Europe again.In the sixth grade I tied the school record for the broad jump. In the 9th grade I was asked to join the track team,but declined. Again in college declined to join the track team. That's enough ,don't you think so,too ?My accomplishments Before my back got worse,I drove the golf ball longer than the pros can.That's before those metal woods came on the fairway. I drive ityards on avg.and on a great day,.Thats why all those people stopped and watched me and commented in a lowered voice, but I was able to hear them..I always hated being watched..
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Име:Jon J.
Град: СалемКарта на Салем
Последно влизане:25 януари 2013, 09:10
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Височина:185 cm
Тегло:77 kg
Цвят на очите:Кафяви
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Интереси:Pool, Computers,
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Watching Australian Open Tennis
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