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Hi, everyone! My name is Katia. I was born in Bulgaria, but for 20 years I've lived in Spain. If you want to write me, can do it in bulgarian, spanish, german or english language. Thanks a lot! :) Kisses
If you wish, can visit my web Site!
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UK: Description-I am in search of spiritual equilibrium and eternal happiness.
We are poluting Mother Earth and the climate is in an awful condition. If someone offers me a discussion on this subject, I would gladly reply.

BG:Opisanie- V tarsene na duhovnoto ravnovesie i vechnoto stastie!
Interesi- Psihologia, literatura, piano, esizi, patuvania, shivotni, priroda, simni ski, kulinarstvo.
Pritesniavame klimatichnata promiana na planetata! Ako niakoi mi predloshi, kakvato i da e akzia sa uchastie v tasi tema, bih otkliknala momentalno.

ES:Descripcion- En busca del equilibrio espiritual y la eterna felicidad!
Intereses- Psicologia, literatura, piano, idiomas, viajes, animales, naturaleza, esquiar, gastronomia.
Me preocupa el cambio climatico en el planeta! Si alguien me propone cualqier accion para colaborar en el tema, estaria dispuesta en seguida.

Jazz Music (My Father inculcate it me)
Classical Music (Come from root)
Chill Out and Lounge Music (It 's came alone in my life)
Bulgarian Folk Music ( I come from Rodopi Mountains)
Pop folk /Chalga/ Music (In my veins flow bulgarian blood)

Writers- Oscar Wilde, Isabel Allende, Dan Brown
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Име:Katia Ventzeslavova Konstantin
Град: СофияКарта на София
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Височина:164 cm
Тегло:52 kg
Деца:Да 1 дете
Желая деца: Да
Искам от of smiles
Интереси:Traveling, Ice Skyting, Fashion, Music, Piano, Chess, Cooking
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Коментарите за мен - 73
Hope you have a Happy Birthday Aloha, Bernie
  a waikiki, 10.11.2012 07:42

Thank you for the flowers you sent in your comment to me....did not see it until now....when did you send it? Hope you have a wonderful summer in spain with lots of nice warm weather. *kisses* /Ted
  harleyrider, 04.07.2009 12:55

Unfassbar schön, unglaublich typisch slawische Erscheinung mit hohen Bakcenknochen Uncapable beautiful, uncredible slavic appereance mit high cheeckbones. incredibile
  Majella, 26.06.2009 05:55

Good luck with your quest; Spain might not be the best place to promote climate awareness. joe.
  dago, 05.04.2009 06:41

que tal Guapa ? cuando vas a venir a francia, saves que algun te espera ahi ! have a great week end
  xtianfr, 21.02.2009 09:34

do you have messinger or skype?
  VASCO, 11.01.2009 20:06 year baby :) all the best :)))
  Ordinary Me, 01.01.2009 15:19

You are the mother of sladurana :-)
  Giorgos_123, 22.11.2008 12:17

ciao Katia ;)
  Ucciosky, 12.11.2008 09:04

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!may all your wishes come true
  humblevirgo, 11.11.2008 06:05

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