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It is never an easy task to ask someone to discribe whom they are. But let's give it a go and hopefully you will not be bored. Well, I am straight forward person , honest and loyal to whom I respect and like.
Being a non Bulgarian in Bulgaria makes me always looking for new friendships and people with whom I can share the happy and not so happy moments. For the record, I do respect every Bulgarian I've had the honour to meet since every person I knew was showing the respect that I wished to receive in return to the respect that I give.
I do not like gamers or people who wear more than one face , I am into this website to make good friends and also searching for that special "her" that I will be able to spend every thought, breath and moment of my life for her happiness and moral obligations twoards her.
If you want to know more, please feel free to ask and I shall never lie as I can not forgieve liers...
You all have my good intentions, opened love and full respect.
P.S. My Bulgarian language is not good at all.. English will be the best for direct contact :-)
Моите Приятели (88)
Megi, София, 34
Gabby, София, 30
waterfall_, София, 34
lusita5, София, 35
aurora, София, 36
leni88, Благоевград, 30
blagitu, София, 32
nikol_69, София, 48
Midnight_Poison, London, 28
Liduni, София, 36
nushchitza, София, 40
Evka_84, Sofia, 33
Mucitu, София, 28
nati1987, Варна, 30
IstiNNssKa, София, 30


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Име:emad soltan
Град: СофияКарта на София
Последно влизане:27 октомври 2012, 18:33
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Височина:180 cm
Тегло:81 kg
Цвят на косата:Черна
Цвят на очите:Кафяви
Семейно положение:Необвързан
Желая деца: Да
Занимавам се с: Advisor Customer Support and Fraud Controller, UK based company , Sofia branch
Любими музикални изпънители:The beatles, Massive Attack, The Cure , Depeche Mode, U2 , Classics , Queen, Akcent
Любими артисти:Ralf Fiens , Hugh Grant , Denzel Washington , Hugh Jackman , Diane Keaton , Russel Crowe ,
Любими писатели, поети:Oscar Wilde , Paulo Coelho, Stephen King
Интереси:Cooking "egyptian food mainly :) ", Reading, Music, Walking, Football