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Ilian Cvetanov was born in . Ever since his childhood years he has been interested in Music and the Fine Arts, and he makes his first steps in singing with his first kindergarten music tutor Ms Albena Banzarova. After some serious vocal preparation work, he applies for a Music Class, with profiled accent on Music, with Ms Evelina Dilkova. He manages and starts his elementary education, running parallel with intensive studying of this specialty.
At the age of 7, Ilian starts singing on the stage and during the period 1st – 4th grades he has multiple performances and participates in different concerts and singing competitions and events, establishing a firmer base for his future music career. He is the only vocalist of the “Drujba” Assembly choir with the “Rakitin” Drama School, headed by the choreographer Ivanichka Gergushka.
At the age of 11 he starts his further education at the “Panaiot Pipkov” Music School, with Major “Trumpet” and tutored by Mr Konstantin Haralambov – an acknowledged virtuoso. He passes his skills and knowledge to his young student. In this period of his life, Ilian is visiting the Center for Work with Children, in the town of Pleven. He also sings in the “Zvanika” Choir, in the “Nashencheta” folklore singing formation, and in the major Children’s Choir with the Music High School in town, conducted by Ms Diana Ruseva. Ilian goes on with his tutoring with private singing lessons with Ms Evelina Dilkova and Assistant Professor Dochka Kysheva.
Supported by the “Razvitie” Drama School, and his tutors, he finds realization and receives numerous awards and gets the first place in many singing competitions. He is the one to become the Orfeon for Bulgaria in– a highly successful year for him. He also receives all the awards (first place again) in the “Orfeevo Izvorche” competition, and makes some records with the Bulgarian National Radio. He also is a Laureate and bearer of the award “Performer for the BNR (the Bulgarian National Radio)”.

Ilian represents Bulgaria with his voice on the whole Balkan Peninsula, and at many International Festivals, all of them successfully managed. He sings in Antalya, Turkey, at the International Ethno Music Festival. On his arrival in Bulgaria he departs immediately for Macedonia, where he carries on with his singing performances.
The media in Pleven eagerly follow his career through the years, and show to their audience all important steps that Ilian makes. He gains a newer image, starts writing his own music and enters the fashion circles – this encourages him to build up his own individual style as appearance and attitude. He works for Web Models, Act Agency, Expose Models, Life Studio. With the incredible support of Albert Baruh, Ilian gets an appearance that is noticed even outside Europe. Life Studio deals with Ilian’s best shooting sessions, as well as manages his image for the biggest magazines.
In Bulgaria, Ilian makes shots for many magazines, all of them very successful and popular. At the end ofhe works as a stand-in for the actor Shane West in the Hollywood production The Gift. Inhe gets the official premium from Albert Baruh for High Contributions to Life Studio’s work on their 3rd anniversary.
In March , Ilian takes part in the Bulgarian variant of the International Music Format – Music Idol 2. He reaches the final 30 candidates for glory of all 12,participants. His appearance on stage remains memorable for a long time. After the show he flies direct to Madrid, where he dwells and works at the moment. With the enormous support from Alexander Kiprov and StarTrax, Ilian records his debut song ‘This Rhythm’ (‘Tozi ritym’). Together with StarTrax he makes several new songs in “freemasons” style. The new song went even to the Eurovision! Upcoming news for future performances, participations and projects of this singer are still to be announced!
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Име:Ilian Cvetanov
Град: СофияКарта на София
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Височина:186 cm
Тегло:80 kg
Цвят на косата:Кестенява
Цвят на очите:Сиви
В момента уча в: Професионална гимназия по хранително-вкусови технологии "Луи Пастьор" гр. Плевен , в момента съм 10

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