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~ D I C E ~ started his career in music in Bulgaria in the late 90`s with a huge aspiration and fondness in the music scene.

In the year 2000 he had the opportunity to come and live in London where his career as a DJ started to portrait itself.

In 2003 he was invited to DJ at a radio station based solely in England.
With time his image grew into something much bigger than he even expected.

With the opportunities to DJ at house parties, clubs and on radios across England and at times ones who broadcast globally throughout the world his career got even more of a boost.

During the summer of 2005 he became known as a leading promoter amongst the club scene and by the end of the year he was granted with the opportunity to create one of his mixes on BBC radio 1 which had an outstanding feedback from the listeners.

2006 with the help of Subbass DJ Academy he was able to develop his skills as a producer. And has worked on a few projects with artists across the world since then.

Working alongside DJs, producers, artists and labels across the globe his name started getting noticed by leading clubs such as Cocoon and Zillion. Between competitions and battles across the whole of the summer he got offered a residency at one of the leading clubs at the time.

Throughout 2007 with collaboration from the U.S.A`s homegrown DJs he was able to dabble into different styles and genres of music and started developing a strong sense for what the music scene really craved for. Combining styles like house, trance, RnB, rock and drum and bass created something of a more profound ambition for him. And has since produced tracks with such combinations.

In more recent years and for the past few he has been working side by side with artists across the music scene to help deliver the evolution of these styles across the globe.

And today at age 26 he is the company director of the most extraordinary upcoming independent record label company in the world - Candy Bass Records, based in the heart of one of the greatest musically inclined places in the world. That's right, right here in London.
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~ D I C E ~

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Име:D I C E
Град: ЛондонКарта на Лондон
Посетен: Free CounterFree CounterFree CounterFree Counter пъти


Височина:180 cm
Цвят на косата:Кестенява
Цвят на очите:Кафяви
Работя в сферата на:Друго
Семейно положение:Необвързан
Желая деца: Да
Занимавам се с:DJ, Producer and Company Director of Candy Bass Records, based in London, UK.
Цел на контакта:Забавление, Приятелство
Интереси:Миксирaнe, Купони, Коли, Рисувaне
WEB сайт:

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Винаги има трети начин и той не е комбинация от другите два, а нов и съвсем различен.
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Стигнал съм до извода, че повечето от нас харчат пари, които още не са спечелили, за да купят неща, от които нямат нужда, с желанието да впечатлят хора, които не харесват....
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....holding on to nothing....
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..... za tezi koito sa vse oshte budni.....
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..... za tezi koito sa vse oshte budni.....
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Коментарите за мен - 13
Life is grand..
  ~ D I C E ~, 22.04.2011 20:43

Лек път:) компанията беше много приятна до скоро:)
  Lydvig Bavarski, 10.01.2011 00:11

Blagodaria :)
  ~ D I C E ~, 02.01.2011 19:57

Chestita Nova Godina i na teb.Vsi4ko nai nai....
  adrenalina, 02.01.2011 19:37

i butilka rom io ho ho ..kow`ega na myrtweca:)
  gerito_90, 02.01.2011 19:31

I butilka Jack
  ~ D I C E ~, 02.01.2011 19:15

йо хо хо
  Lydvig Bavarski, 02.01.2011 15:31

край няма отърване:)
  Lydvig Bavarski, 02.01.2011 01:45

Честит Рожден Ден! Пожелавам ти всичкото здраве на света! Красивите моменти, спиращи дъха, да нямат край! Весело изкарване! Наздраве!
  doreta63, 18.10.2010 17:17

Nai interesni i gotin 4ovek tyk :P stra6no se gordeia s tova 4e go poznavam i 4e mi e priqtel :P Sladyrani napdaiteeeee
  djmj, 12.09.2010 23:18

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