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"Metal God"

Shaking the ground of this earth
Armed with his cold steel
He charges forward on the notes
To make the cold in this world feel

Riding the lightning
He plays with violent discord
All the harmonies intertwining
The silence is stricken by his volatile word

Feeling the furious power
Unleashed, it rages from within
Taking up the wooden neck,
This metal god has risen

He shreds the steel strings
And from them power explodes
In fury, the metal god screams
With ferocious convictions yet untold

And he rages onward
With only victory in mind
Single-minded determination
Until peace, his treasure, he finds

The infuriated metal god
Grips the weapon in his hands
The wood cracks beneath his grasp
By it he has torn apart the land

He has but one concern in mind
His message he must spread
His own small tribute to mankind
Regarding the bodies pumped with lead

He sees the greed within man’s heart
And the corruption in governments
He saw no purpose in the wars
Though many shared not his sentiments

But he went on playing with precision
And stood again after every fall
Gritting his teeth, he snarled his thoughts
He sang his words, not caring at all

“The earth starts to rumble
World powers fall
O warring for the heavens
A peaceful man stands tall”
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Death_in_rest, София, 18
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niki_i, София, 28
messi7, София, 21
Girl_of_the_wind, София, 18


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Име:Мария Петкова
Град: СофияКарта на София
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Височина:164 cm
Тегло:56 kg
Цвят на косата:Черна
Цвят на очите:Черни
Интереси:Оръжия, Мотори, Метъл, Приятели

Коментарите за мен - 3
cool =) :PPP
  Girl_of_the_wind, 18.02.2008 10:50

Ami kato te vidqh mi doide na um edna mis1l: Gospod e iskal da se izfuka kato te e s1zdal, a Dqvola e imal zadni misli - da prevzeme dushite na vsichki momcheta, i zatova e pomognal na Gospod :))
  SpoRteX, 03.01.2008 17:53

mnogo si gotina priqtelko:){}{}{}{}{}{}{}
  memoza, 03.10.2007 02:40